Informant – The Artistic Catalyst

Introducing the “Informant” – a coveted gem in the world of Eurorack, designed for every artist who seeks to transcend sonic boundaries. Elevate your creative endeavors with this transformative marvel that seamlessly marries analog and digital realms.

Sculpting Sound with Precision:

The “Informant” is not just a module; it’s the artisan’s tool for crafting sonic masterpieces. With 8 entrances, each caressed with a 10-bit embrace of digital precision, feel every nuance, every subtlety as your sonic vision materializes.

A Tapestry of Connectivity:

Imagine a world where your modular creation dances in harmony with light and video – enter the “Informant.” Seamlessly transforming analog signals into standardized OSC Float values, it casts them effortlessly through the ethereal waves of WiFi. An invitation to synchronize your modular synthesizer with the visual realm awaits.

Unlocking Audiovisual Epiphanies:

With the “Informant” at your fingertips, the world of audiovisual installations unfurls before you. Synchronize your modular synthesizer’s heartbeat with pulsating lights and captivating visuals. It’s not just a module; it’s the key to unlocking an audiovisual realm where sound and vision entwine in a dance of artistic revelation.

Technical Marvel in a Compact Form:

  • 8 inputs for a sonic artist’s palette
  • 10-bit resolution for unparalleled precision
  • WiFi connectivity for seamless data transmission
  • Stand-alone design – no space needed in your Eurorack
  • Powered by 5V USB for convenience

A Coveted Companion:

Every artist dreams of a companion that transcends boundaries, and the “Informant” is that muse. It’s the bridge that transforms your Eurorack setup into a dynamic, multidimensional playground where sound and visuals coalesce into a breathtaking symphony.


The “Informant” is more than a module; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey of artistic discovery. Every creator’s dream, it beckons you to explore the uncharted territories where modular synthesis meets audiovisual poetry. With the “Informant” in your arsenal, let your creativity flow, and watch as it transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Elevate your artistry, embrace the future of sonic exploration. The “Informant” awaits – the essential muse for the avant-garde creator.

more infos coming soon …

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