post image Reading realtime weather data from the netherlands in a grid. Let some particles flow over the vector data field and generate some drony sound with 100 weather data based oscillators. ...

Dutch Weather Drone

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This old cigarr box is transformed to an digital vj synthesizer. Allowing to create colorfull  patterns to the music. It integrates a bpm tab button to sync it to the ...

VJ Synthesizer Box

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The DaDaQuarium is a digital sh aquarium for hand-drawn shes that swim autonomously in 3D. The user is invited to contribute to this fantasy world by adding own artwork and therewith becomes part of this unique ...


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Mapping on a giant bunny is definitely not a frequent occurrence! But this cute bunny you see below was brought to life during Utregse Unie Urban Beats & Hiphop Festival 2014. I used my new GLSL line shader creation with ...

Utregse Unie VJ performance

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holidays on iceland. collect structures for programming images. here are some of the collected ...

icelandic structures

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The theme of the anual cinemata tshirt contest for nachtdigital was analog glitch bitch. inspired by an joke at the the vj festival nuremberg in 2014 by jan and me. the image shows a woman which is transformed by my analog ...

analog glitch bitch

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This is the first image which was drawn on my new xy drawing table. It still needs some tweaking, but it is drawing! This image shows our kitchen with the new drawing on the ...


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