post image Reading realtime weather data from the netherlands in a grid. Let some particles flow over the vector data field and generate some drony sound with 100 weather data based oscillators. ...

Dutch Weather Drone

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The L6 software is based on the L4 software. The main difference is the network behind. One master is contolling the connected clients, which render their own part of the 3d scene. Cinema4D is used for the mapping and stage ...


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L4 is a vj software without movieclips or pictures. Everything is generated and controled in realtime. The first use was at the nachtdigital XX festival 2017. Including live feed from the VJ synth box and leap motion ...


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The DaDaQuarium is a digital sh aquarium for hand-drawn shes that swim autonomously in 3D. The user is invited to contribute to this fantasy world by adding own artwork and therewith becomes part of this unique ...


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Have you ever thought about how a rotating picture looks like? And what happens if you transfer it into digital art? Marlene is a wooden turntable for generating visuals from hand-drawn art. To get started, draw a graphic or ...


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Lectorlandia Lectorlandia is a table, a projection, a visualization, a playground, a database, an idea, a feeling, and Lectorlandia is an interactive approach that brings people together! It was developed by Wijnand ...


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During the weekend I created some animated flowers, growing suddenly on the wall by just walking by. All work is realized with Open Frameworks. The flowers are created with an OpenGL tri_fan inside a VboMesh. the position ...

Flowers on the wall

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Together with other artists from the group Cinemata I set up a visual installation at the Trouw Club in Amsterdam. Using pre-build visuals is old fashion, and we surprised the guests with live drawing and projection from two ...

Nachtdigital weekender at Trouw Club Amsterdam

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Mapping on a giant bunny is definitely not a frequent occurrence! But this cute bunny you see below was brought to life during Utregse Unie Urban Beats & Hiphop Festival 2014. I used my new GLSL line shader creation with ...

Utregse Unie VJ performance

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